How SR Ads can Work for Your Courses in the Classroom

As an education provider or vendor, you’ve checked out the SR Ads tab from your portal at You’ve watched the SR Ads video, and are now familiar with the way to purchase an Ad, and thereby secure one of those top spots on the Course Lookup. And while SR Ads seems an obvious choice for 24-7 online education providers and vendors – run an ad, get a license holder to click through to your site, buy the course, and finish the course by the next day, ALL online – you’re still wondering, how do SR Ads work for a classroom course?

Let me share a few ideas!

  1. Promote a new course. If you’ve just gotten a course approved by your state agency, likely the only person who is excited about it at this point is, well, you. Because you haven’t run it yet, there are no reviews, and its place on the Course Lookup is last. Great opportunity for an SR Ad – schedule the course, buy an Ad to bump it to the top, and turn the Ad off once it’s run. Now when you report students, their course reviews will boost it naturally and you’ll get some great feedback on your new course!
  2. Fill seats prior to a course. For your next course the fire marshal says you’ve got room for 50 (75? 100?) but two weeks out only 7 students have signed up. Run an SR Ad for those two weeks and see if top-of-the-list exposure sells those extra seats. Then, again, once you’ve sent out the review emails, watch that course rise organically for the next offering.
  3. Gauge interest in an older course. Have an approved course that you haven’t run in a while and therefore it has no reviews? Schedule it again, run an Ad for it, and see how many calls you get from licensees wanting to sign up. No interest? No problem! But now you know because you just opened a dialogue with all of the license holders looking for courses. That’s information you can use when developing and scheduling your courses – and if nobody clicked, that market research didn’t cost you a thing!

These are just a few of the ways that SR Ads can help your classroom business. As always, if you’ve got any questions or are wondering about your specific course, give us a call, 855-261-9808, and we’ll get it figured out!

Karla Allen
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