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As education providers and vendors, you probably already know about our exclusive Course Lookup page that currently lists all of your agency approved courses, but do you know how that list is organized? In this post, we’ll cover the different factors that all weigh in the algorithm of how that list displays the courses to license holders.

1. Licensee Course Reviews

The first and most heavily weighted factor for courses on the list is what we’re all about here at – licensee course reviews. Why is that our number one factor? Our goal here at is to improve the regulated industries overall by asking certified professionals to rate the courses that they’ve actually taken so that license holders looking for courses get honest reviews from their peers. Reviews therefore are the most heavily weighted factor in the Course Lookup order of listings. The amount of reviews are also factored.

2. Relevant Course Data

The next factors in our algorithm include having the relevant data that a license holder needs to make an informed decision about purchasing a course. These elements include the Course Description, and if it’s a classroom course, a scheduled offering.

Combine having the relevant content in the listing, with a slew of 5 star reviews, and you won’t have to go much farther than the first pages to find your well-ranked course!

3. NO Manipulation Possible

Notice what is NOT a factor? Any ability to manipulate the Course Lookup by changing the provider/vendor name, looking at you “AAAAA Real Estate Courses”, which would then bump a vendor’s courses to the top alphabetically on a traditional state list. And lastly, review emails are only sent to the students who actually took the courses, so those 5 stars, and even the 1 stars, are legitimate reviews with real names attached.

So how do you get that extra edge on the Course Lookup? Provide that awesome content that you may already be known for and encourage those license holders who take courses from you to fill out those emailed review requests once they are reported. It really is that easy!

Karla Allen
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