If You’re Considering the SR LMS: Are you Recording your Quality Content NOW?

Happy Holidays and Renewal Season !?!

Yes, it’s renewal season and as an education provider or vendor you are in the throes of it. Teaching, scheduling, reporting, following up on everything with everybody.

Not to add One.More.Thing. but…let’s!

If you’ve been considering taking your well-reviewed course presenter, unique perspective, and quality content to develop an online video course in our SR LMS, now may also be the time to be gathering video content for that course. Film your presenter now, while they’re busy teaching and having those great audience interactions. Don’t worry about editing it or making it look pretty, just get the video content while your classroom is full and your presenter is at the top of his or her game.

Sure it might be easier to think, I’ll deal with taking our content online after the renewal and schedules slow down, but is your presenter teaching live classes in January or February or March? While there is definitely value in having your presenter do some teaching just-for-video that can be interspersed with the live teaching content, that classroom component may be just bring what brings your video to life when developing your course.

So consider filming your presenters now for the courses that you want to sell later, online.

With new online courses, you could make 2019 the Happiest Holiday ever for your providership!

Karla Allen
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