Top of the List Through SR Ads

Why do education providers jockey to be at the top of traditional state lists of CE providers?

  • The top of the list gets the most action.

On the Course Lookup, there are two ways to get to the top of the list. The first is to have a boatload of 5 star reviews. The second way? Buy an SR Ad.

We reserve the top couple of spots on every page of the Course Lookup for paid ads.

Since our Course Lookup is the exclusive list of all approved CE for your state agency, buying an Ad assures that all license holders will see your course at the top of that list first.

  • Step 1: select the course for which you’d like to run the Ad from your list of approved courses on the SR Ads page in your portal. Click Apply.

  • Step 2: determine your marketing budget.

There’s a cost per click, a maximum daily budget, and the overall payment threshold. Let’s say your maximum daily budget is $50 and you choose $5 per qualifying click. Once you have 10 clicks to your website, your Ad will no longer be visible for that day. The next day, the Ad is back for another 10 daily clicks.

The Account payment threshold is simply the dollar amount that you’ll be charged for the Ad. For example, if your threshold is $100 and you’re being charged $5 a click, the account would be charged after it hits $100, at 20 clicks.

  • Step 3:  choose the URL where you’ll send the license holder on your site (main page, course catalog, or even the shopping cart), and submit credit card information.

  • Step 4: see your Ad as it instantly appears on the Course Lookup!

  • Step 5: licensee clicks on your Ad.

That click takes the license holder to the Course Summary. This is the ‘first free click’. Here you provide the pertinent info such as date, location, and instructor of the course.

  • Step 6: license holder clicks through to your site. Now we’ve sent you a qualified customer!


  • This sure sounds expensive!?! Are you already spending resources on other types of advertising? Fliers are pretty, and they used to work great. But how do you track specifically how many customers come from each of those mass mailings? With our Ads, you’ll know exactly where every click comes from and that every license holder saw your Ad.
    • Do the math – if you paid $5 for a click on your ad, and the student spent $100 on your course, that’s a return on investment of 1,900%!
  • Aren’t license holders going to see my course in the Course Lookup anyway? Every course is listed in the course lookup, so a definite yes, but if your course isn’t listed until page 2 or 3 or 9…research shows that page one results scoop up 95% of search traffic.
  • If two providers each bid the same amount, whose ad is higher? Reviews and other factors in the algorithm will determine placement.

If you have more questions, give us a call at 855-261-9808. Try using an SR Ad to give your course top-of-the-list visibility and see how many more students your business could serve this renewal!


Karla Allen
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