Reporting Completions for Education Providers

Once you’ve created your account you may have questions about reporting your student course completions. Below we’ve provided a video tutorial for education providers that addresses the student reporting process. Hopefully this step by step video will answer all of your questions! We are looking forward to working with each and every one of you … Continue Reading

What is the Big Deal with those Review Emails?

Have you received an email from letting you know that your course completion was reported, and asking you to review the course you took? Our Course Lookup, the only source for all approved CE courses, is ordered by those licensee Reviews. And the courses rated the highest by you and your fellow professionals, are … Continue Reading

Why Choose to Manage your Agency’s Continuing Education Program

It’s a new year and many state legislatures, and their oversight committees, are back in session. Are you a state agency looking for an effective and fiscally responsible solution to the overwhelm of busy work that defines your agency’s continuing education program? You’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s reporting student course completions, approving … Continue Reading