Why Choose StateReporting.com to Manage your Agency’s Continuing Education Program

It’s a new year and many state legislatures, and their oversight committees, are back in session. Are you a state agency looking for an effective and fiscally responsible solution to the overwhelm of busy work that defines your agency’s continuing education program? You’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s reporting student course completions, approving education providers, or auditing licensees, our comprehensive and closed system allows for all agency functions to happen in seconds or minutes instead of hours or even days, at no charge to the license holders.

Let’s take a look at how StateReporting.com can ease your administrative tasks.

Agency Services

  • All course applications are submitted via education providers’ own secure portals at StateReporting.com, on your state approved forms, with the required documentation, in the same format, every time!
  • Automated course approvals provide approval (or denial) letters, notify providers, update courses/provider listings, or even reference back to previously assigned course numbers.
  • One click compliance reports allow you to download spreadsheets to show non-compliant license holders, education providers, or customize a report to handle any specific responsibility you may have, such as auditing.

Licensee Services

  • Live digital transcripts allows license holders to login and view what credits are listed, request reporting from education providers who have not entered their credits, and post CE credits to their transcripts, all while empowering the license holder to ensure compliance with your requirements
  • Our revolutionary Course Lookup which is THE approved course list AND is ranked by Course Feedback given by real students who took real classes.
  • No shady “if you pay us extra, we’ll actually provide a service for you” – all services and features are 100% free to license holders and always will be!

Provider Services

  • Digitized applications help both new and already approved providers submit all forms and documentation to your agency in your approved format.
  • Simplified reporting allows providers to report student completions with one click, and those reports are instantly recorded on licensee transcripts and available for review.
  • Value added services are optionally available to education providers who are interested, such as SR Ads (Pay-per-click advertising of approved courses) & SR LMS (Online Learning Management System).

And for all of the stakeholders, exceptional customer service with no exceptions!

We understand that every state and industry is different. But what we’ve found to be consistent is how much the agencies care about their license holders.

Let us take the busy work out of your day so that you can keep knocking it out of the park on issues such as licensing and regulation, reaching out to consumers in your field, or developing educational curricula for the professionals you regulate.

Interested in how our SaaS platform can be molded to your agency’s unique needs? Call StateReporting.com, 855-261-9808, and ask to set up a demonstration!

Karla Allen
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