What is the Big Deal with those Review Emails?

Have you received an email from StateReporting.com letting you know that your course completion was reported, and asking you to review the course you took?

Our Course Lookup, the only source for all approved CE courses, is ordered by those licensee Reviews. And the courses rated the highest by you and your fellow professionals, are at the top. In other words, you decide which education providers take the top spots.

Think about shopping online at a specific site for a specific product. The site probably curates reviews to show you what you want to see – a “tremendous, amazing, superior” product that is “a great deal, remarkably priced, practically free” and does “everything you want it to do, nothing that you don’t, all in record time”. Cause, obviously, they’re selling those products.

When you shop at sites that provide competing products, suddenly you see the whole story – among the “awesome and cheap” reviews, are reviews that say “lousy and cheap” by qualified purchasers of the same product. Now you can make an informed choice.

That’s the way it works with our Course Lookup. Search for the course you’d like to take, and then see what your fellow professionals who have already taken that course had to say before you purchase. Would you buy a new laptop without reading at least some of the reviews? Not likely. The same goes for your continuing education! No one wants to sit through a full day of a lousy course, that you’ve essentially paid for twice, once when you bought it and once when you took the day off of work to complete it.

By clicking into the course listing, you will still have all of the information available to you to decide if the course works for you, subject, location, date, time, but now you can read qualified reviews, too.

Read the reviews, purchase and take your course, and once you’ve been reported, submit a review. Pay it forward and point out what was awesome, or not, about the course you took.

When licensees call us and ask for the best course to take for their license type, we direct them to what actual license holders have said through their reviews. Help lift the entire industry by reviewing your course at StateReporting.com!

Karla Allen
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