Introducing SR Classroom: Your Students May Now be Seated!


Providers have asked us from the beginning why their students can’t just sign up for their classroom continuing education classes straight from the Course Lookup. Good question, and – we agree!

Introducing SR Classroom – a new way for Providers to schedule classes and for students to purchase continuing education online.

SR Classroom is an optional, new, value-added service that Providers can use to manage course scheduling, enrolling, and reporting, all from their Education Provider portal.

With SR Classroom, your students log in to their accounts at and then navigate to the Course Lookup to purchase a seat in your classroom course.

Once they have purchased a class, they get a confirmation email from us with all the class details, Google directions, and even the ability to add it to their own electronic calendars.

You get a roster full of students!

After the class is over, one click report your roster and you’re done!

What could be easier?

To activate SR Classroom, navigate to Course Scheduling in your Provider account. Just like you would normally schedule, select the date and course for which you’d like to run an SR Classroom class and add the schedule information. New to remember is adding in the Timezone for the location of your class.

Click Next. Now you have the option to use SR Classroom.

Not interested in creating an SR Classroom class at this time? Click “Schedule without SR Classroom” to regularly schedule your class offering.

Go ahead and click on Activate Instant Purchase with SR Classroom and fill in the information. Add total seats available, which will tick down as the class fills up, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging license holders to grab a colleague to take the class with them, while seats are still available.

Make any adjustments to the price of your course, and click that you agree to the terms of service.

You have now scheduled your first SR Classroom class!

Click OK and your next step is to hold your class with students from SR Classroom, as well as any other students you sign up outside of SR Classroom.

After the class, to report your roster of students from SR Classroom, navigate to Enrollments, select the class, and select ‘Present’ or ‘Absent’ for your students.

Upload your Sign-in sheet, if your agency requires it, and one-click report your roster.

You’re done!

We help licensees with sign ups and customer service, as needed. You get a completed roster with correct names and license numbers, and one-click student completion reporting!

Providers take 90% of the cost of every seat sold, while SR keeps 10%. We don’t make any money unless you make money so we’re 100% invested in your success!

No more manually reporting wrong licensee numbers or names. No more three month late reporting corrections to deal with.

Your students will be in class, and their names will be on the roster.

If you have any questions during this process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 855-261-9808 and we will help you through it.

SR Classroom – scheduling and reporting CE all from your Provider portal – just what you asked for!


Karla Allen
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