Does Your Agency Audit License Holders?

As a state agency, we know that one of the most vital jobs your office performs is auditing license holders for continuing education compliance.

So how does your agency audit license holders? Here are a few methods we’ve seen:

  • A random selection, say 5% or 15%, of license holders is contacted via mail or email and told to submit proof of having completed the required number of hours of continuing education.
  • 100% of license holders are required to submit proof of having completed the required number of continuing education hours by either mailing in certificates or uploading them to a state portal and then the state agency audits a random selection of those certificates.
  • License holders must attest on license renewal documentation that they have completed the required number of hours of continuing education.
  • Some combination of the above, and a spreadsheet.
  • Nothing???

Sound familiar?

With, state agencies can audit 100% of their licensees, with a click of a button. CE compliance statistics are a built-in feature that state agencies easily access from their uniquely secure portal at

Need a specific audit function for your specific Board? We can handle that, too. We take the base auditing functionality that we’ve already built, and add to it any additional legislative or staff requirements for custom reports. Go ahead, throw your wish list at us. We can handle it!

  • Want to know halfway through the renewal cycle how many license holders are already in compliance and who needs a reminder from the Board? Check.
  • Want to be able to start auditing for the renewal prior to that crazy time during the three months afterwards? Check.
  • Want to see year over year compliance statistics for your next report to your oversight committee? Check.

Have a different, specific request or need that would help your individual Board when making compliance and disciplinary decisions? Check, check, and check.

Call us at 855-261-9808 and tell us exactly what your Board needs to audit licensees for CE compliance. We’ll set up a demonstration where we’ll show you how we make it happen with No spreadsheets required.

Karla Allen
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