THX! Text Messages from

To all the license holders whose providers report your course completions, but we have no email on file for you, no worries! We’ll text you and let you know that your hours have been reported!

In the same text, we’ll ask you to review the course you took so that your feedback will count on the Course Lookup for the next license holder looking for classes or calling us to ask, Who has the best course? Like we always tell them, check out the reviews on the Course Lookup to see what your fellow professionals had to say!

BTW, if you’d like to start receiving reporting emails instead, go ahead and log in to your account and update your info to add an email – it isn’t any harder than that!

Remember, at your data is always uniquely secure, and your opinion is seriously valued!


Any questions? We’re always happy to help, give us a call at 855-261-9808, or use the live Chat on the site.

Karla Allen
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