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How To Search for a Classroom Course by Location

Quick show of hands, who would like to be able to search for an education class by the location of the class?

Based on what you’ve told us (and that sea of hands), the answer is everyone – so that’s what we’ve done!

Now when you’re on the StateReporting.com Course Lookup searching for your next CE class, enter the zip code in the zip code search box, and classes will show up for you starting with those that are scheduled closest to you.

Simply type in the zip code for the area where you’d like to take your class and the Course Lookup will sort on the closest classes, highest rated to lowest.

Out of curiosity, how do other states organize their state lists of approved providers and courses?

  • One way is alphabetically. That means if you can work the word “Aardvark” into your provider name, the top of the list is yours!
  • Another method is by the original date of provider approval. Therefore providers who were first approved around the time of the invention of your profession will dominate the first couple of pages of the list…forever.
  • Some states just assign arbitrary course numbers, and then order the list by them. In other words, you get what you get and everyone is (mostly) equally unhappy.

Conversely, you know how StateReporting.com organizes their Course Lookup – by actual license holder ratings of the continuing education courses that they took. Genius.

Loved the class? Straight to the top. Not so much? Probably going to hang back in the pack (with all of the other arbitrary aardvarks).

So use the new Classroom zip code search to find the nearest – and highest rated – class near you. And thanks again for asking!

Any questions or issues? Give us a call at 855-261-9808 or use the live Chat on the site. We’re easy to find and love to help!

Karla Allen
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