No State Agency Budgets were Injured in the Using of Our Platform

One step to a no-cost compliance solution:

While your state agency probably wasn’t affected by all of the issues that passed through legislative committees this year – autonomous vehicles, cannabis regulations, sports wagering – chances are guaranteed that your agency was directly affected by the number one issue discussed and dealt with in the legislative session this year:

  • Budget.

As a state agency, do those new budget numbers cover all of the regulatory tasks you have to do?

Let take the pressure off with our no-cost Continuing Education tracking and auditing platform that is revolutionizing the way agencies manage licensees. streamlines the administration of any regulated CE program by making it easier for license holders and education providers to stay in compliance while offering the agency a powerful, and budget friendly, tool to ensure compliance. 

Features include:

  • Custom Tailored Software – Our software customizes to your existing applications, forms, and processes, and we’re up and running 30 days from contract signing. Our mission is to streamline, not change, your CE administration model.
  • One Click Compliance Reports – Intuitive graphical and spreadsheet audit reports on licensee renewal data, CE compliance, education provider renewals, licensee feedback, and so much more. Improved state agency control and informed decisions are the result.
  • Legislation Not Required – Integration of’s software does not require regulatory changes since we adapt to current processes and there is no cost to the agency or license holders.

Contact us at 855-261-9808 to arrange a demonstration of’s services, and then watch the next legislative session’s committee chair drop the gavel when you show how you are tracking compliance for 100% of your license holders – at no cost to the state.

Karla Allen

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