Add Value to Your Listing on the Course Lookup

Quick Steps to a Better Course Listing

Have you checked out the Course Lookup lately? Take a minute and search for your course listings, I’ll wait right here.

Ok, so where is your course on the Course Lookup and how does it look?

As you know, we order the Course Lookup by the quality of student reviews, but other factors are given weight in that algorithm:

  • Course Description
  • A scheduled course for a classroom course
  • Price listed

If you’ve already gotten 5 star reviews, a stellar description, a scheduled date for your classroom class, and the price listed, AWESOME! You’re well on your way to a good position organically on the Course Lookup.

However, *spoiler alert* there’s more you can do to sell your classes!

The following factors add value to your listing by giving students quality information right at the moment when they’re trying to decide which course to buy. And you already know the more courses you sell, the better likelihood of getting those 5 star reviews!

So your listing should also include:

  • Your provider logo – use brand recognition to attract former and future students,
  • Your instructor image and biography – your chance to advertise your instructor’s credentials, and
  • Your contact information – make sure students can find you to buy your class!

We’ve been calling providers and walking through a ‘health check’ with them on their course listings, especially when we notice missing or incomplete information. If you’d like us to walk through this information with you, too, go ahead and give us a call at 855-261-9808, or use the Live Chat on the site and we’ll be happy to help you maximize your listing for the most possible sales this renewal!

Karla Allen

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