5 Steps for Improving YOUR State Agency’s Continuing Education Process

Looking for a solution?

Do any of these processes sound familiar?

  • Mailed-in paper applications, paper transactions, and paper fees. 
  • 0.01% CE compliance. 
  • Missing data.
  • Handwritten approval/denial letters, emails, and audits.
  • Manual data report generating.
  • Thousands of phone calls about compliance and requirements. 
  • Questions about past transcripts and missing credits. 

All of the problems listed above and countless more, support why State Agencies are searching for a way out of antiquated methods of administering regulated licenses. Wouldn’t you prefer to have digitized and automated applications, fast accurate data, and 100% compliance? If that’s what YOUR Agency has been looking for, you need StateReporting.com!

StateReporting.com is a software platform that streamlines your current processes and optimizes the flow of data and information between you, the agency administrators, the license holders, and the education providers.

Follow our steps to see how we can design StateReporting.com software to maximize compliance while streamlining YOUR Agency’s daily operations.

  1. Formatting – Education providers will use all of the same digital, automated application forms on StateReporting.com. Whatever your agency uses to approve (or deny) providers, courses, and instructors, our platform will verify that all required fields are completed – prior to your reviewing it. This saves your staff hundreds of phone calls or emails requesting missing information, and etc. The results: Run your Agency’s CE program with efficiency and quality.
  2. Tracking – Data is tracked throughout the StateReporting.com system. Every data entry is saved, logged, and remains available to the Agency until archiving. That goes for licensees and providers – they can check their transcript and reporting history as long as they need to.
  3. Monitoring – StateReporting.com monitors all CE data points that Agencies need, and provide user alerts when that data is available. When an education provider reports a license holder’s course completion, the agency and licensee are notified with an email or text alert. When licensees log in to the licensee portal, they see their updated transcript. All of this is viewable to all stakeholders within seconds of the submission. 
  4. Validating – StateReporting.com excels at data validation! The system prohibits submission to a state agency unless ALL of your agency’s data fields are complete and in the prescribed format. In other words – you get the exact data required for submission, or they can’t submit. 
  5. Auditing – Thanks to a comprehensive method of validating data, all of the correct information is captured in one place. Most audits can run with just a few clicks. And if you have a special audit requirement – let us know – we can tailor any report to your specifications!

No more random course applications in the mail that are missing key pieces of information. 

Ability to confirm every single person who took every single class – and when, where, and how they did it. You’re welcome!

Goodbye to spreadsheets and phone calls and mailed-in certificates at audit time. We have this all at a click of your mouse!

Let StateReporting.com take the administrative burden off of your State Agency so you can get back to focusing on the mission of licensing, regulating, and enforcing. Call us today at 855-261-9808 or click here to schedule a personalized demonstration and see how StateReporting.com can boost your efficiency, while costing the Agency, the Licensee, and Education Providers nothing at all!

Karla Allen

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