3 Practical Steps to Tracking Your Continuing Education in 2020

Are you a state-regulated license holder whose state agency uses StateReporting.com for CE management? We’ve got you!

Whether you finish your CE in the first quarter (we’ve talked to a lot of you), or you wait until the last minute (we’ve talked to a few of you, too), keeping track of where you are with your CE for the year is vital for the timely renewal of your professional license. 

Here are three easy, and free, steps to managing your required hours with StateReporting.com:

  1. View your hours. Create your account here and you can access your transcript anytime. Make sure to confirm your current email address so that you get notified every time an education provider reports your CE completions. If you need a reminder on the type of CE your license requires, visit the “Regulations” tab that is conveniently inside your transcript page. Quick and easy!
  2. Find CE classes. Check out the Course Lookup to find all of the state-approved CE for your license type. Choose from live classroom education to self-study courses, read the reviews, and find the class that works for your schedule. If the course is on this list, you know your state agency approves and accepts those hours!
  3. Review the course. After you complete a class and receive a reporting email, you may follow the link provided for an opportunity to give feedback about the class and express  what you gained from it. This lets other professionals see and read verified reviews about the course, coming from a colleague’s experience, good, bad, or otherwise! 

That’s it! No need to wade through all your saved certificates to track your hours every year. You also don’t have to download yet another app on your phone, because our site is completely mobile friendly on any internet connected device. 

Stay current with your CE this year and take advantage of the free CE tracking service with StateReporting.com!

Need help? Give us a call at 855-261-9808 or use the live Chat on the site and we’ll be happy to assist!

Karla Allen

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