The ONE Reason to Get your Louisiana Real Estate Salesperson or Broker License Now

Have you been considering a career change and earning your real estate license, or upgrading your license from Salesperson to Broker?

A lot of professionals have ambitious career goals, but when it comes to taking the steps to achieve those goals, whether a new certificate in a current profession or taking the education for an entirely new path, life intervenes and time runs out. It just happens.

But you’ve done the research, you know all of the benefits of a real estate career. Or, as a salesperson, you know how your income could increase in some cases up to 20% by upgrading to a broker license.

It’s just been a matter of finding the time.

So what is different today?

  • You have the time.

Take advantage of time that you may be saving on commuting, adjusted work schedules, or other cancellations to sign up online for that Salesperson pre license course or Broker pre license course you’ve been considering.

You’ve been ready for a while. The timing might be perfect now.

Do you have questions about the process of becoming a real estate Salesperson or Broker in Louisiana? We’re here to help, 855-261-9808 or use the live chat on the site!

Karla Allen

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