4 Reasons to Trust Your Security to StateReporting.com

We keep your data secure.

Suddenly, welcome to the world of remote work!

Like many organizations and state agencies around the country, we here at StateReporting.com are working remotely, too! Let’s address one of the top issues for state administrators and their IT departments:

  • Security

Whether agency staff are logging in from the state building, a home office, or their kitchen table, your license holders are depending on you to keep their data safe at all times.

That’s where StateReporting.com can help with your agency’s license and education management program.  We provide a cloud-based software platform that connects the agency, licensees, and education providers together into one online location.

But most importantly, each platform is uniquely secure. How?

Infrastructure integrity

Our infrastructure is secure at rest and in transit, and our data integrity is guaranteed through redundant hourly and daily syncing and snapshots.

A strong defense

We utilize multiple industry-leading defense and threat detection products.

And a good offense

We operate monthly compliance scans and vulnerability testing on ourselves.

We protect your data, it’s in our contract

We don’t sell your data or otherwise use it in a manner that isn’t explicitly spelled out in our contract. Privacy is our policy.

  • We are secure for you.

If you’d like to discuss further how StateReporting.com’s cloud-based software platform can help your agency get the job done securely now while you’re remote, and for the future when you’re back in the office, give us a call at 855-261-9808, or chat with us on our website!

Karla Allen

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