3 Tools for Compliance During COVID-19 and Beyond

Have the goal posts moved for your state’s licensees?

During COVID-19, has your state agency, like so many others, adjusted continuing education deadlines or requirements?

If so, how are you performing these three key tasks:

  • Notifying your licensees,
  • Adjusting regulations, and
  • Confirming compliance.

We can help!

StateReporting.com serves state agencies by streamlining licensing and education processes, whether agencies are working remotely, or back in the office. Our subscription SaaS platform centralizes Agency operations to one secure online location, making sure that workflows are seamless, and all submissions to your office are digital. We eliminate mail and unnecessary phone calls, augment your staff, and allow agency personnel to focus on other matters, like regulatory issues. 

StateReporting.com offers three tools to state commissions and boards to ease you through the current times, and carry you forward into the new normal.

Check out how three of these tools function, below:

Update and notify licensees of new regulations

With one click StateReporting.com can update the State Requirements for all license holders you manage, or even just a particular license type. The requirements show up on their transcript under State Requirements, and the licensee receives an alert. We can also send out agency emails or text messages to your license holders, if that’s your preference.

Update transcript hour or course requirements

If continuing education hour totals or a specific type of hours has been updated to adjust for COVID-19, we can make that change in our reporting module. Licensees will see those updates immediately on their transcripts. We will keep track of hours, requirements, and reporting dates no matter how many times your agency needs to update!

Instant Audit function

Confirm that license holders are meeting compliance requirements using StateReporting.com’s Audit tool. Agency users can audit licensees two different ways:

  • Individual audits
  • Percentage audits

In either audit, licensees can be flagged for audit at any point during the compliance review and renewal cycle, giving you a complete compliance report with a couple of clicks.

Let StateReporting.com assist your agency by hiring us to manage the administrative work, while you focus on the big picture, like where those regulatory goal posts need to be, right now, next week, and next quarter.

Call us today at 855-261-9808 to schedule a personalized demonstration of how our system could work for you!

Karla Allen

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