Best 3 Reasons to Ask Your Students to Leave Reviews!

As education providers know, after they report student course completions at, we send each licensee a reporting email or text letting them know that their hours have been reported AND asking them to review the course they just took.

Wanna show off your great reviews? (Um, YEAH!) Providers can log in to their accounts at and click on their reviews right from the dashboard.  Add that same link to your website or marketing emails to take former, current, and prospective students right to the review stars!

What about those who haven’t left a review yet?

Send an email to remind them to log in to Even if they’ve long deleted the reporting email, students logged in to their transcripts can click their notifications and leave comments about the class they completed, rating it on a star scale of 1-5. This is a great opportunity to ask for reviews while the courses are fresh in their minds.

What are the benefits of encouraging students to leave reviews?

Well-reviewed courses move higher in the Course Lookup

Similar to how you shop online and sort by reviews,’s Course Lookup is ordered by reviews as well. The courses with the best reviews organically move to the top of the list. Those without, stay below.

Reviews give providers more opportunity to reach licensees

Whether through email or in person, asking for reviews and thanking students for their comments is just one more way for education providers to build connections with their students/customers. The Education Provider’s Portal lets you reply to all reviews left about the course right from the website, quick and easy! 

Reviews help the entire industry overall

By giving all licensees a clear picture of course content from the student perspective, the education industry is lifted up for everyone:

  • providers get valuable feedback about their course content and service, and
  • license holders find the highest quality and most relevant classes.

So give your classroom students a shout out for the review before they go home for the day, or throw a reminder in your online course, right before they print their certificate.

You work hard developing and teaching courses for your students – encourage your students to let everyone know how awesome it was on the Course Lookup!

Karla Allen

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