The #1 Way for State Agencies to Increase Licensee Compliance

Do education providers report course completions to your state agency? If not, should they?

Here is the number one way for state agencies to boost licensee regulatory compliance:

  • Course completion reporting by the education providers.

Original Source of the Data

In our experience with many different professional industries, course completion data is most accurately delivered to state agencies by the education providers who held the classes. Because they’re the ones who administer the certificates of completion and monitor the attendance rosters, they’re the ones who can verify who was in those courses.

That means your agency is getting correct data from the source of the data.

Fewer System Users Means Fewer Mistakes

If your agency requires licensees to upload their own completion certificates for verification, that’s a lot of license holders, or their staff, using uploaders. 

Instead of 10,000 licensees, or 100,000 licensees self-reporting, why not have 100, or even just 300 education providers reporting those completions? In many professions, education providers are already doing this. And fewer numbers using the system, any system, equals fewer mistakes for agencies to have to sort out.

Results = 100% Compliance

Combined with our Agency Audit feature, this change could lead your agency down the path of 100% licensee compliance.

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Karla Allen

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