The Biggest Lesson Learned While Working Remotely

Still working remotely, while your state leadership formulates a phased-in ‘reopening’ plan?

What Did We Learn

Before the next normal gets rolling and everyone is back in the office doing the same ol’, same ol’, the same ol’ way, we’re asking the question:

  • During the past 8 weeks working remotely, what have we learned?

The answer surprises no one:

  • Moving processes online for license holders, education providers, and the public allows for:
    • Minimal turnaround time,
    • Higher accuracy with logged submissions and responses, and
    • Streamlined communications for all stakeholders.

Now that upside down is turning right side up again, let assist your agency back from the temporarily closed offices to full-time open online services.

What We Do’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform manages your continuing education and pre license programs through our cloud-based platform. We serve all of the stakeholders for the agency by bringing all agency operations to one uniquely secure online location. The agency pays a monthly or annual subscription, and receives software that is maintained by us without the burden of project costs, data security/privacy concerns, maintenance issues, as well as offering you staff augmentation.

How We Can Help

We absorb the volume of customer service calls with our own Customer Support team, via phone, email, and live chat communications. This feature alone allows agencies to keep their focus on upcoming regulatory or program changes and leaves the customer service overload to us, especially as there is an increase in volume as those regulations readjust to the new circumstances. 

What did we just spend a couple of months accidentally learning?

  • Online works all the time, even when you can’t.

So the last normal was forwarding the phones and mail from the office to your remote location while serving license holders and the public with minimal turnaround time, and processing and communicating regulatory updates. Whew – great job, by the way!

Now, as everyone eases out of restrictions, position your agency to come out of lock down better than when you went in – with! Give us a call at 855-261-9808 or use the live chat on the site to find out how we can set up a personalized demonstration for your agency.

Karla Allen

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