Does Your Agency Audit License Holders?

As a state agency, we know that one of the most vital jobs your office performs is auditing license holders for continuing education compliance. So how does your agency audit license holders? Here are a few methods we’ve seen: A random selection, say 5% or 15%, of license holders is contacted via mail or email … Continue Reading

Introducing SR Classroom: Your Students May Now be Seated!

  Providers have asked us from the beginning why their students can’t just sign up for their classroom continuing education classes straight from the Course Lookup. Good question, and – we agree! Introducing SR Classroom – a new way for Providers to schedule classes and for students to purchase continuing education online. SR Classroom is … Continue Reading

Class Scheduling 101

Education providers – this one’s just for you! Your course is approved and on the books for the first class offering. But now you’ve got your next dates and venues lined up, how do you schedule that approved course for the next two, three, or four class offerings? Watch the video and we’ll walk you … Continue Reading