Welcome Arkansas electricians!

Hello Arkansas electrical license holders! We’re happy to have you here and really look forward to working with you. Below we’ve created a video that explains the account creation process, but if you have any questions, please go ahead and use the Live chat on the site or give us a call, 855-261-9808, and we’ll … Continue Reading

What is the Big Deal with those Review Emails?

Have you received an email from StateReporting.com letting you know that your course completion was reported, and asking you to review the course you took? Our Course Lookup, the only source for all approved CE courses, is ordered by those licensee Reviews. And the courses rated the highest by you and your fellow professionals, are … Continue Reading

License Holders, Welcome to StateReporting.com!

We know that state regulated license holders work hard on the job…and then they work hard again on their continuing education so that they can keep working hard on the job. We get that! That’s why monitoring your CE hours at StateReporting.com is simple and free – ALWAYS. Unlike other private CE monitoring programs, which … Continue Reading

Vision Statement for StateReporting.com

StateReporting.com envisions a continuing education system based on quality content, streamlined processes, and services that add value for all of the stakeholders: the licensees, the state agencies, and the education providers. Our core values include efficiency, transparency, and accountability, and our company profits will follow our values. Questions? As always you may contact us using … Continue Reading