Louisiana Real Estate Commission: The Sequel

What is the ultimate compliment in business? Getting hired again! Recently the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC) contracted StateReporting.com to manage their Pre-license education program, in addition to LREC’s continuing education program which we have been managing since September 2018. I’d call that agency satisfaction! Are we looking forward to helping folks looking to become … Continue Reading

Does Your Agency Audit License Holders?

As a state agency, we know that one of the most vital jobs your office performs is auditing license holders for continuing education compliance. So how does your agency audit license holders? Here are a few methods we’ve seen: A random selection, say 5% or 15%, of license holders is contacted via mail or email … Continue Reading

Why Choose StateReporting.com to Manage your Agency’s Continuing Education Program

It’s a new year and many state legislatures, and their oversight committees, are back in session. Are you a state agency looking for an effective and fiscally responsible solution to the overwhelm of busy work that defines your agency’s continuing education program? You’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s reporting student course completions, approving … Continue Reading

Vision Statement for StateReporting.com

StateReporting.com envisions a continuing education system based on quality content, streamlined processes, and services that add value for all of the stakeholders: the licensees, the state agencies, and the education providers. Our core values include efficiency, transparency, and accountability, and our company profits will follow our values. Questions? As always you may contact us using … Continue Reading